Project Schedule

Time is important to everyone, currently motorists have to factor in an extra 22 minutes for the drive on Highway 65 at Lincoln to westbound I-80 at Riverside Avenue. And in the reverse direction from Riverside Avenue motorists have to plan an extra 17 minutes to reach Highway 65 in Roseville and Rocklin. That’s 39 minutes per day stuck in traffic.

The Placer County Transportation Planning Agency (PCTPA) has been working on an aggressive schedule to build improvements to the I-80/SR 65 interchange to reduce traffic congestion and improve safety, and we now have state and federal environmental clearance for the interchange.

We are already working with Caltrans on design for Phase 1 and plan to be under construction in 2018 as illustrated in the timeline below.

Because of funding uncertainties, the overall project will be designed and constructed in phases, as money becomes available. While we are moving forward on Phase 1, the time to complete the overall project may take 20 years or more depending on available funding.

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